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Thank you for visiting the American Guitar Institute website. The American Guitar Institute is a locally owned teaching facility located in the Memphis, TN area. We offer private lessons for the guitar, bass and drums. Our teaching facility is located in the Wolfchase area at 7990 Highway 64 in Bartlett, at the intersection of Hwy 64 and Germantown Parkway. For directions to our location, click here.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced musician, there is something here for you. For beginner players, our lessons guide you through the entire learning process and take you as far as you want to go. Whether you want to be able to teach yourself some of your favorite songs, write your own songs, or become a working professional in the industry, we can take you from knowing nothing at all to knowing everything you need to obtain your goals. We give you the confidence that you are learning everything you need to know in an easy to understand way and that you will learn everything you need to know in an effective order. If you are an intermediate player, our lessons help you fill in all of those missing pieces, help you feel more confident with the knowledge and skill you already have and help you to correct all of the problems that are holding you back. And for advanced players, we can help refine your advanced techniques and theory knowledge and give you some new ideas if you are feeling stale. For the self taught, we can go back and fill in the blanks that most self taught players end up with, giving you the names to the concepts you may have already picked up, make sure that your technique has developed properly, and then help you progress further. And for those of you who have had a bad experience with a previous music instructor, we'll get you or your child back on track.

Our teaching method is very straightforward. First and foremost we do not just blatantly teach songs and nothing else. The foundation of our lessons is teaching the student how to learn songs for themselves, which means we don't have to teach songs, our students are equipped to learn songs themselves. We guide them through the chords, scales and techniques that they will need to learn songs, develop reading and analyzation skills required to learn the even the most complicated songs easily, the best resources to find the music for songs on their own, and the tools to make sure the songs that they learn are accurate, and if not, how to fix them. And when we do work on songs in the lessons, it is to teach specific things, such as a new technique, understanding chord progressions, timing, solos, ear training, song structure or composition, analyzation and memorization. These songs are chosen most often by the student and not the teacher. We work on advancing the students knowledge of music and technique so that eventually even the hardest songs become easy. Through our approach to learning the instrument and how to play songs, the student also becomes naturally equipped to start writing their own songs. And that's only the beginning.

Our teaching method moves with the student. Lessons are custom tailored to the individual. We can spend as much or as little time as necessary on any given topic and work on things in the order that best fits the goals and capabilities of any given student. Everyone is different but everyone is still only human. That's what makes music great, just like people it is all different, but on a fundamental level it is all the same, it comes from the same place and has the same foundation. This is something that has developed our method into what it is today in two major ways. First, if there is a style of music that you hate, we won't work on it, because everyone is different. Second, if you are into a vast array of styles or after a while want to switch styles completely, for example if you loved blues but now you want to play metal, no problem. Nothing you learned so far is a waste because fundamentally all music is the same, the content doesn't change, just the context.

Over the years the American Guitar Institute has been blessed with a wide variety of students that have all gone off to find their own place in music. And regardless of that place we are proud of them all. Most of them have obtained the skills to learn their favorite songs and play them for and with family and friends. Some of them have had higher goals, and we were honored to help them obtain those goals, from going to music school, obtaining recording contracts, gigging in Memphis, across the country and around the world, writing and producing their own albums, and becoming teachers themselves. Regardless of your goals, we can help you get there. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes hard, but it's always fun and always rewarding.

We hope you enjoy our site and we look forward to hearing from you when you are ready to sign up for lessons.

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